Etika* Group of Companies and its subsidiaries are primarily involved in the manufacturing, distribution and marketing of some of the leading halal beverages in Malaysia.

Today, the Group is one of the leading FMCG companies in the country with market leadership position in beverage and dairy industries. We have an established comprehensive distribution network across Malaysia, reaching over 40,000 customers directly. The Group also has operations in Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur and with sales offices and warehouses nationwide, we are the exclusive PepsiCo franchise for both Malaysia and Singapore. Etika Group markets and distributes world renowned brands such as Pepsi, Mirinda, 7Up, Revive Isotonic, Gatorade, Lipton, Tropicana, MUG and Mountain Dew.

Adding to our already impressive array of drinks, we also manufacture, distribute and market WONDA Coffee and Calpis which are trademarked by Asahi, Japan, as well as our own range of beverages under the trademarks of Chill Asian Drinks, Bleu Water, and Kickapoo (a Monarch trademark), Goodday Milk and Dairy Champ.

The group through the various franchised and owned brands have captured a significant share of the beverage and dairy market throughout the region. To date we are one of the few beverage manufacturers in the country that cover every category of beverages available in the Malaysian market – making us a one stop beverage partner of choice.

*Etika Beverages Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Permanis Sdn Bhd) (15978-V), Etika Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Permanis Sandilands Sdn Bhd) (17296-P), Champs Water Sdn Bhd (540703-V), Etika Vending Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Permanis Vending Sdn Bhd) (493666-X), Etika Distributions Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Permanis Distributions Sdn Bhd) (770956-P), Etika Dairies Sdn Bhd (380823-U), Etika Foods Marketing Sdn Bhd (720089-H), Etika Global Resources Sdn Bhd (712752-M), Golden Difference Sdn Bhd (913987-H), Etika Fresh Milk Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Susu Lembu Asli Marketing Sdn Bhd) (127844-D), Etika Fresh Milk Manufacturing Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Susu Lembu Asli (Johore) Sdn Bhd) (87970-X), Etika Consumer Sdn Bhd (972407-M) and General Packaging Sdn Bhd (3488-V) (collectively referred to as “Etika Group of Companies”) 
  • our vision

    “Happiness Made Simple”

    For us Etikans, enriching lives through our trusted products is Happiness Made Simple. Here, it’s never just about the work - we CARE, we SHARE and we GROW together too.

  • our mission

    “We aim to enrich lives through
    our trusted products”


Head of Department

To achieve our mission in enriching lives through our trusted products, we have leaders who constantly direct and steer us towards our goals. These are the men and women that drives us to grow onward and upward. 

Erwin Selvarajah

President & CEO

An organisation is a union of ordinary people doing extra-ordinary work.  We excel as an organisation, and come together as a family.

Low Chooi Hoon

Chief Operating Officer

We constantly improve our daily operations to provide the best products and services for our consumers and business partners - creating long-lasting impression in their tastebuds, minds and hearts.

Renganathan Tewagudan

Group Chief Supply Chain Officer

We practice "Growth through Service Excellence" by transforming our company to high performance operations to deliver customer satisfaction beyond competitors to drive business growth year-on-year.

Nicholas Ng Kok Aun

Executive Vice President – Human Resources

Elevating the role of Human Resources to become a strategic business partner in achieving Etika's vision and mission.

Anita Sheila Vijaindren

Executive Vice President – Legal, Corporate and Secretarial Affairs

We strive to implement the best practices to ensure the company moves forward to achieve greater heights.

Soo Kok Hwa

Executive Vice President, Group Internal Audit, Compliance and Risk Management

Our goals are not limited to creating financial value but also intangible value drivers like ideas, innovation, brand and people to our Company, Employees, Business Partners and Shareholders.

Hemalatha Ragavan

Senior Vice President – Group Marketing and Business Development

Our creativity is limitless and we constantly challenge ourselves in this ever-changing environment to set the benchmark in the industry for our marketing campaigns and activities.

Santharuban Thurai Sundaram

Vice President – Marketing

Go big or go home! Being strong believers of innovation and creativity, we strive to ensure that every campaign that we execute encompasses a certain degree of innovation and ground breaking innovation not only on creative materials but also on how we translate these ideas on every single consumer touchpoints.

Lim Heng Seong

Group Chief Financial Officer - Finance

Our goals are not limited to creating financial value but also intangible value drivers like ideas, innovation, brand and people to our Company, Employees, Business Partners and Shareholders.

Sow Hooi Ling

Vice President, Corporate Planning & Group Project Management

A good strategy is always based on strong insights and an even better foresight. In an ever changing local and global landscape we need to be a step ahead by driving change as opposed to following the wave.